Flexmail partner program

Email as a business communication tool is more popular than ever. With Flexmail you can offer a reliable email marketing solution to your clients and prospects. Join our Partner program and enjoy free trainings and lucrative commissions. In the Flexmail partnership you can rely on the support of the entire Flexmail team. We offer you a professional and reliable infrastructure to offer your clients. A sales and support specialist will help you get started and support you for the period of the partnership.


We'll offer you


Account manager

With this management tool you can create new trial accounts, login to client accounts, request documentation, view invoices and orders, …


Free account & credits

We’ll support you in your sales activities. You’ll have access to a free Flexmail account with free email credits for prospecting purposes.


Partner trainings

You and your co-workers get a free product technical and commercial training. Your dedicated contact at Flexmail will guide you through the startup process of your Flexmail partnership.


Partner meetings

Take part in our Partner meetings and discuss major novelties, suggestions and questions from your customers.


Partner commissions

As a Flexmail Partner, you’ll receive commissions on all purchases of clients you bring on. Your commission will vary from 5% to 40%, based on the type of partnership and your turnover.



In order to provide the best service to your customers, you can contact our free Helpdesk, take part in webinars and conference calls.

Common questions

Can I white label the solution so my clients only see my companies branding?

This is definitely possible. You can remove all references to Flexmail, add your own branding (name, logo, colors, etc..), set your own domain name, and more.

Instead of fully rebranding the solution can I co-brand the solution (combining the Flexmail branding with my own branding)?

Of course. By co-branding the solution, you can show potential customers that your solution is backed up by a leading email marketing platform.

Can I create trial accounts?

With our Account Manager, you have access to a complete managing tool. You can manage and bill your customers, create trial accounts for prospects, login to client accounts and much more.

Will my users see expiration or billing notices?

Only you will be notified of expiration or billing notices. You can however send your own notices to your customers using the Account Manager.

Do you bill my clients for me?

You would be responsible for billing your clients. This way, you remain the main contact for your own customers. We will bill you.

Can I login to my clients accounts?

Yes, our Account Manager allows you to control the settings and easily login to each client account.

Will you contact my clients?

No. We believe that you should be the main contact for your contacts. That way you can sustain a client relationship without a third-party interference. Our team will, however, provide you with the proper support by communicating our updates in your account manager or by contacting you directly.

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